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Alex Falcon
  • Swing and a Miss

    Swing and a Miss

    A lonely ghost who just can’t seem to find any way to entertain himself finally gets […]

  • Demo Reel

    Demo Reel

    Clorox- Black Math

    Created cameras for previz. Modelled head of bottle and parts of environment. Did texture work on bottle. Animated bottle in tech demo section. Rendered out using Deadline. Software used: Maya, UVlayout, Deadline Render Farm.

  • Back Alley

    Back Alley

    Back Alley Environment made during my middler(third) year at Northeastern University. I decided during my senior […]

  • The Truth – Ice Cream

    The Truth – Ice Cream

    Probably my favorite project I was able to work on during my time at Black Math. […]

  • Lawrence the Rhino

    Lawrence the Rhino

    One day I told myself I should create a humanoid rhino character, so I did. Everyone […]

  • Hannaford


    Made at Black Math for Hannafords. I modelled the Hannafords logo as if it was built […]

  • The Truth – Smokin’ Susie

    The Truth – Smokin’ Susie

    Made as a proof of concept for The Truth during my time as an intern at […]

  • Spray Paint

    Spray Paint

    Made as a lighting and rendering test for myself. Modelled in Maya and rendered in Mental […]

  • Makeover – Clorox

    Makeover – Clorox

    Spray bottle makeover for Clorox by Black Math. Worked on pre visualization, modeling, shading and rendering. […]

  • Reebok Crossfit

    Reebok Crossfit

    Reebok Crossfit video made at Black Math during my internship with them. Modelled in Maya, rendered […]